Qualification criteria

Basic requirements

  • Income: minimum of £40,000 pa
  • Residence: Minimum of 3 years residential history, with indefinite leave to remain if non EEA national and full working rights for EEA nationals
  • Identity: Registered UK tax payer, valid identity documents and bank accounts

Affordability requirements

Your ability to pay the rent will be assessed with respect to your income and regular expenditure.

Your net disposable income will be calculated after deducting all your committed expenditure and making allowances for essential expenditure and basic quality-of-living cost expenditure from your verified post-tax income. This must exceed the total rental payment requirement.

The total rental payment must also be less than 40% of your post-tax income.

Good credit requirement

Your application will be individually evaluated. This will consider evaluating credit and employment information:

  • Credit screening file will be obtained through a credit search
  • Professional details, including employment details will be obtained and verified through the application process.

The purpose of the credit process will be to ensure that we only approve responsible applicants who can meet their rental commitments.