1. Find your home

    Find the right home and negotiate a purchase price.

  2. We buy it

    Fund 5% of the purchase and receive 15% of any price increase.

  3. You rent it

    Secure your home - stay longer or sell your investment after 5 years.

How does it work?

You provide an equity loan for seven years to the company that purchases the home for you and pay monthly rent to that company.

You receive a share of the house price increase, which you can either use as a deposit to buy the house or redeem by selling your investment.

Your capital is at risk and dependant on the value of the property. It is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and if property prices fall, you may get back less than what you invest. If there is a delay in the sale of the property, investments may not be repaid on time.

Please read Key Risks before investing.

What are your options?

We understand that life is full of unexpected surprises. You may wish to relocate to pursue an exciting opportunity or you may wish to put down roots and stay longer. Wherever life leads you, OnStep offers you the flexibility that you need.

  • Extend your tenancy

    You have an initial contract for seven years. If you are coming to the end of it, you can request us for a new one.

  • Purchase your home

    You have the right to buy the home after five years and can use your equity investment towards your mortgage deposit.

  • Sell your investment and move

    You can break the rental contract after five years. You can also request us to try to sell or refinance the home then, so you can redeem your investments early.

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*Tax treatment depends on your circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.
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Enjoy zero hassle, tax efficient investment in UK residential property:

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