• Levered capital growth

    Receive 3 times the house price appreciation as capital growth.

    Capital growth

  • Attractive monthly income

    Starting at 3% pa and increasing at the rate of inflation from year 3.

    Inflation indexed

  • Dream tenants

    Long term and committed with full repair responsibilities.

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What is OnStep?

OnStep Homes is a new way for 'generation rent' to get onto the housing ladder. You, together with the tenant, provide a shared equity loan to a company to purchase a family home.

The tenant pays monthly rent to the company. You receive monthly interest and share the capital growth with the tenant.

How much is the capital growth?

What are the key features of the loan?

OnStep homes are carefully chosen

How do I invest?

You have full control to individually select the properties to invest in and the amount that you invest.

  1. 1. We list the property for investment

    Once the tenant finds the property and negotiates the purchase price, we arrange the valuation, survey and the legal aspects.

  2. 2. You select and commit to invest

    Study the valuation and survey reports, read about the tenant and decide how much you want to invest before committing the funds.

  3. 3. Start earning monthly interest

    We complete the property and register the mortgage charges. The tenant moves in and starts paying rent. You start receiving monthly interest.

  4. 4. Trade in the secondary market

    Start trading on the secondary marketplace or wait for your investments to mature.

Questions & Answers

  • Who holds the mortgage charges?

    Both the first charge for the main mortgage and the second charge for the equity mortgage are registered with the land registry in the name of Open Access Finance Ltd (trading as OnStep), which acts as the security trustee on the loan.

    The security trustee holds the mortgage security in trust for all investors on the OnStep platform. The security trustee has no economic interest in the loan and does not have any conflict of interest with lenders in relation to the security.

  • Who manages the property?

    A separate company, set-up specifically for this purpose, owns the property and administers the tenancy. The company has no other business and owns no other properties. The tenant remains responsible for all maintenance and repair duties, in lieu of which they receive a discounted rent.

  • What if the tenant cannot pay the rent?

    If the tenant is in financial difficulty, we will treat them sympathetically and explore appropriate forbearance options. This will include allowing them to sell their investment in the property to generate funds.

    If forbearance options are exhausted, we will work with the tenant to facilitate a sale of the property or find a new tenant in accordance with the interests of the lenders.

  • What is the term of the loan?

    The contractual term for the mortgages will be for 7 years. Your loan will be repaid either through a sale of the property or through refinancing with the tenant agreeing a new 7 year rental contract.

    There will also be a sophisticated secondary market in operation, which will allow you to exit your loans early.