Property Criteria

Purchase of a property as OnStep home to be used as primary residence.

Location of Property: Greater London and central areas of prime commuter towns.

Property size: Min of 450 sq. ft and max of 2500 sq. ft

Property purchase price: Minimum of £250,000 and maximum of £600,000

Property value per sq ft internal area: Max of £800 per sq.ft

Property type: Standard construction only.

New builds: No new build properties.

We will not purchase (please note: non-exhaustive list):

  • High rise ex local authority flats (above 5 floors)
  • Flats above commercial premises (exceptions may apply)
  • Partial commercial premises
  • Freehold or non self-contained flats
  • Grade 1 listed buildings
  • Properties with flying freeholds > 15%
  • Properties with restricted occupancy clause or those affected by planning issues
  • Properties with solar panels with long term lease arrangements